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Updated: Mar 3, 2021

This sweet baby boy came in for his newborn portraits and was just a dream.

We started the session with the bear composite they had specifically requested for him. He was photographed on a beanbag, secure and cozy. The bear set up was photographed prior to his arrival. His special image was then created with a little photoshop magic.

newborn boy dressed as a little bear sitting with stuffed bears
newborn photography bear composite

creating the bear composite

While he was still in the bear suit I took a few images of Cody on my adorable rustic newborn bed. This image reminds me of the children't book "Where the Wild Things Are"

newborn boy in rustic newborn bed

After that we moved to the newborn table for some "beanbag" posing.

newborn photography froggie pose
froggie pose

And from there we did some bucket shots. He was so happy and content in my beautiful rustic bucket.

baby Cody in my gorgeous rustic bucket

We ended the day with some images in daddy's hands. I love hand shots because they remind you just how small even the "big" babies are.

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